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Amazing Wadi Trip in Fujairah (UAE)

As we are starting to approach the summer in the United Arab Emirates with temperatures already climbing towards the 40 degrees, for us the offroad season has come to an end :(. Therefore, we had planned one last wadi trip before the season ends and it turned out to be another amazing trip!

We explored Route 21 (Wadi Shawka), Route 22 (Wadi Tuwa & Ejeli) and Route 23 (Wadi Helo) in Fujairah. Please refer to the UAE Offroad Explorer book for details on this trip and the GPS-coordinates. It’s not a technical drive, so even if you have never driven through a wadi before, it’s an easy ride. Moreover, you can drive these three connected routes in one day, including a snack and drink stop underneath a tree.

Initially we planned to set up camp in Wadi Helo as our planned route would end there, but we couldn’t find a suitable camping spot. Therefore, we drove back to Wadi Tuwa & Ejeli, which has numerous camping spots. Even for large groups. There was plenty of firewood to be found around the campsites, but to be on the safe side, always bring your own wood as well.

Hope the photos below will make you enthusiastic to explore these wadis! Check out how the camels take their bath, the lovely bed underneath the stars, how we cook on the campfire and how we can make an incredible breakfast without a kitchen:)

Have fun and drive carefully!

Wadi 21


Wadi kamelen

Camel eating hair

wadi 22


wadi plantations

wadi 2

wadi al helo

Cooking on the campfire



Who wants to join us next time??


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