How to find a travel partner?

You have a nice trip in mind or some adventurous travel plans, but you can’t find someone in your circle of friends and family who can join you? No worries, just visit the website of Globetrooper.

Through Globetrooper you can find travel partners for your next adventure. You can choose to join a group of travellers who have already created a trip which interests you, or you can create your own itinerary and invite people from all over the world to join you.

Another great idea is the website of travel-buddies. Travel Buddies is a free social network to find your travel partner (for a short break, backpacking or business trip). They even have an app which you can download and is used in over 170 countries.

When you arrive somewhere new, you can check out the Members Nearby and you’ll see a list of all the members near to your location. The app offers an email and chat message service which makes it very easy to communicate. Moreover, the email function is build in a way that you can email someone without exposing your email address.