Best destinations for 2015

Can you guess the top three destinations for 2015? 

You have two months left to utilize your left over leave days for 2015. Would you like to take your partner on a surprise holiday trip? Or still haven’t made up your mind where to go to on your next vacation? The TripAdvisors Traveler’s Choice Awards list of 25 destinations might help you with that :) At least, it has given me some inspiration for my next trip ;)

Depending on your budget and where you live in the world, the list offers extensive opportunities.

The number 5 on the list, Prague, is a city which is nice to visit in summer as well as winter. The famous historic Charles Bridge in Prague offers stunning views of the Vltava River and is a place where painters and hot-dog vendors are trying to get the attention from the hordes of tourists. In wintertime the bridge and its baroque statues have something romantic when they are covered with snow. The history of the city manifests itself in the astonishing Prague Castle (dating from the 9th century and the largest ancient castle in the world) and the old town square with its ancient buildings and churches.

The number 8 on the list, Buenos Aires, feels like an European metropole, but with an Latin American twist. When you decide to visit this amazing city, make sure you visit it during European wintertime. I went in the month of January and enjoyed nice summer temperatures.

Buenos Aires is famous for the sensual tango dance. Throughout the city you will find numerous venues to practice your dance moves. If you only feel like watching, just head of to the milongas (dance events) or cafes to experience the Argentinian dance sphere. Besides dancing, the city is a real shoppers paradise (districts of Palermo, San Telmo, Recoleta). It has some large shopping malls with trendy stores, but also (upscale) boutiques for the more antique and refined stuff. When done shopping, take a carnivorous bite at one of the numerous steakhouses on practically every corner. Argentina is famous for its perfectly grilled steak.

As a Dutchie, I would recommend you to rent a bicycle and explore the city by bike. It’s an easy way of seeing a lot in a short period of time. But please be careful with the traffic!
One of the most famous attractions of Buenos Aires is the Cementerio de la Recoleta. You can visit this cemetery with its impressive statues, crypts and sarcophagi. The cemetery is home to the remains of the city’s and countries’ most elite sector, such as Evita Peron.

The list:

  1. Marrakech, Morocco
  2. Siem Reap, Cambodia
  3. Istanbul, Turkey
  4. Hanoi, Vietnam
  5. Prague, Czech Republic
  6. London, United Kingdom
  7. Rome, Italy
  8. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  9. Paris, France
  10. Cape Town Central, South Africa

…..number 24 is the city I currently live in and number 25 is my favorite city so far!

Please click here for the entire list!