Welcome to Beyond Guides & Finance!

I’m Cynthia, thirty something years old and a Dutchie with proud Caribbean roots who loves to travel the world! Something I inherited from my great grandparents who come from all over the world: China, Spain, Germany, Venezuela, Netherlands, Surinam and Aruba. Even with all these cultures in my blood, I can say that I don’t have an identity crisis ;). I was mainly raised in the Netherlands and partly raised in Curacao (Caribbean Island).  I love to explore other cultures and to work in international environments. I have mainly worked in the Netherlands, but I did four months of research in Uganda for my Masters degree, worked six months in Germany, had a three month sabbatical down under and somehow I landed in the Middle East. I have been living in Dubai for 3,5 years now and having the time of my life!

When I reflect on all the things I have done and seen so far, I must say that climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) has been one of the most adventurous and rewarding travel experience so far!
The quote I live by: “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”.

As much as traveling the world is part of who I am, so much is finance. I have been working in the financial sector for the past 10 years and so finance has become an integrated part of my life as well.  The reason I started this blog, is that I wanted to share my travel experiences with you, but also to make finance more accessible and ’sexy’. Often people think finance is complicated and boring, but believe me, it doesn’t have to be! Forget the image of men with grey hair in suits on Wall Street. The aim of this blog is to inspire you with interesting articles about personal finance in relation to your daily life, family, relationship, travels and career. My aim is to show you which finance tips work for me, how I set my (financial) goals in life and hope that my ideas will work for you too!

I’m glad to have you as a reader and I hope that you will have a lot of pleasure in and knowledge from reading my blogs.

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