Personal Travel Advice

Dubai is known as the international hub between Europe and Asia. Therefore, many tourists use Dubai as a stop-over. Even if you decide to stay for three days only: Dubai has plenty of things to offer! Looking for a roundtrip? Then stay at least 8 days to visit also Abu Dhabi, Ras al- Khaimah, Sharjah and Fujairah. Also the border region with Oman has plenty activities to offer.

The UAE can cater to any type of traveller. In my personal travel advice I focus on activities that are beyond the regular to-do list and which will make your experience in the UAE a unique one. Below you can find five categories of travellers for whom I write personalized travel itineraries, including photo’s and detailed (address) information per section. The travel itinerary is based on up to date local knowledge and experience, and based on your interests and budget. Everything you need to help you plan a unique vacation. I don’t offer a booking service, you are responsible for purchasing the travel yourself.

1. Honeymoon / couples: Do you want to enjoy a honeymoon in the sphere of ‘Arabian 1001-nights’? Or do you need a getaway to escape the daily routine?
2. Families: Do you want a guaranteed vacation full of fun for both children and parents?
3. Singles / business travellers: Are you passing through the UAE for a couple of days before or after your journey in Asia/Australia? Or you want to explore the UAE on your own? Or are you a business traveller and have some spare time in between meetings?
4. Elderly people: Not too many walking distances and not too much in the sun? Or a lot of walking in the sun? Everything is possible!
5. Off the beaten track / outdoor: Are you not the type for shoppingmalls, but more into the desert / mountains / water / golf activities?

This is for travellers who…
– … are insecure how to start their trip
– … don’t like group travels
– … don’t want to spend numerous hours over the weekend to plan their trip
– … need advice on places to stay, activities and transport options
– … want to get the most out of their time and money
– … enjoy local and personalized advice.

Disclaimer: The travel itinerary may not be sold to third parties and may not be offered on the internet. 

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